Daniel Grabus

When Daniel Grabus began his lighting career in 2012, music and festivals were a large part of his life, so his transition into production was only natural. All it took was one gig for Daniel, and he was hooked. After interning for a season and learning the ins and outs of production, he headed the lighting department at a growing production/rental house in Boston.

Daniel has a great eye and is extremely passionate about his work. In no time, Daniel was designing rigs, running crews, programing and operating shows. From corporate events to concerts, festivals, and tours, he worked hard and constantly strove to learn more about the craft and his techniques. Inspired by Paul and Preston Hoffman and other outstanding LDs, Daniel began networking and freelancing for other companies with high aspirations of a long and prosperous career in lighting.

Daniel joined the Pulse Lighting Team in 2016 and is currently on tour with Lake Street Drive operating the design created by Pulse Lighting’s own Mikey Cummings.

Daniel Grabus
Lighting Technician/Operator

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